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Flexible Endoscopes Repairing

Gastroscopes - Video and Fiber

Colonoscopes - Video and Fiber

Duodenoscopes - Video and Fiber

Sigmoidscopes - Video and Fiber

With our team trained by experienced German/USA endoscope repair engineers, all aspects of your scope such as mechanical, electrical, optical etc are assessed for functionality and safety. Every endoscope is individually evaluated by way of a detailed assessment report. Quotes are generated to recommend repairs as required to make your scope functional again.

All the repairs to your scope are carried out and quality tested to meet safety standards & to comply with manufacturer’s specifications before they leave our facility. All endoscopes are on a biomedical asset management system to provide detailed customer reports and asset history tracking.

We provide Safe, reliable & quality repairs to all of your large diameter flexible endoscopes.

Our work range:

  1. Insertion Tube

  2. Fibre Optic Light Bundle

  3. Bending section rebuild

  4. Bending Section

  5. Biopsy Channel, Air/Water Channel & Suction Channel

  6. Angulation Steering Wires and Coil Pipes

  7. Light guide tube

  8. Switches

  9. Electrical Connector