Olympus EVIS 240 Series Video System

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Olympus EVIS 240 Series Video System

Olympus EVIS 240 Series Video System

Olympus EVIS 240 series video system

Olympus CV-240 EVIS Processor

  • Compatible with the full range of endoscopes from EVIS 100, 130, and 140 series endoscopes
  • Widescreen image functionality with used in conjunction with Q series endoscopes such as GIF-Q140 and CF-Q140L
  • Pre-set scope switch functions. Endoscopist has a choice from up to 20 pre-set endoscope switch functions.
  • Pre-program patient data. Up to 40 files of patient data can be pre-entered into memory to expedite procedure turnaround

Olympus CLV-U40 EVIS Light Source 300watt Xenon

Complete compatibility with all scopes

The CLV-U40 is a universal light source for use with all OLYMPUS endoscopes. By actuating the Mode Selector, the light source can be set for any scope__from the EVIS 100, 130, 140, and 200 Series videoscopes to the OES fiberscopes and all rigid endoscopes.

300W Xenon Light Source

Provides approximately 1.5x greater light intensity for clearer, more vivid images to enhance detailed observation. (Only in combination with 200 series scopes.)

Optimum Light Density Adjustment for Video Taping

Automatically selects the ideal sensitivity required. Manual override offers variable adjustment by the endoscopist.

Automatic Exposure Control for Still Photography

Automatically sets light sources at the optimum exposure for still or Polaroid photography. Manual override gives the endoscopist complete control of this function.

Built-In Emergency Lamp

The CLV-U40 system includes a built-in 150W Halogen emergency lamp which is automatically actuated in the event of Xenon lamp failure.

Malfunction Indicator

Any malfunction in the emergency system triggers the panel light malfunction indicator.

Transillumination Feature

Increases illumination to allow confirmation of target area from outside the body. Automatically returns to original setting after approximately 7 seconds.

Olympus Gastro GIF-XQ240

  1. Fits with a 240 Stack System
  2. Diameter 9.8mm
  3. Working Length 103cm
  4. Instrument Channel 2.8mm
  5. Field View 120 Degrees
  6. Angulation Range, Up: 210, Down: 90, Right: 100, Left:100

Olympus Colonoscope CF-240L

  1. Field of View: 140o
  2. Distal end Outer diameter: 12.2mm
  3. Insertion tube Outer diameter: 12.0mm
  4. Range of distal end bending: Up/Down- 180o/180o Right/Left- 160o/160o
  5. Working length: 1,680mm
  6. Instrument channel Inner diameter: 3.2mm
  7. Variable Stiffness: No

Olympus ERCP scope TJF-240

  1. Therapeutic Duodenoscope
  2. Category: Large channel
  3. Field of view: 1000
  4. The direction of view: 50 backward oblique
  5. Distal end outer diameter: 13.5mm
  6. Insertion tube outer diameter: 12.0mm
  7. Angulation Range: Up/Down - 1200/900 Right/Left- 1100/900
  8. Working length: 1240mm
  9. Instrument channel: 4.2mm

Olympus Bronchoscope BF-240

  • Compatible with CV-240 and CV-200
  • Diameter: 5.7mm
  • Working Length: 55cm
  • Instrument Channel: 2.0 mm
  • Field of View: 120 degrees
  • Angulation Range: Up: 180, Down: 130