Olympus UHI-4 High Flow Insufflator 45 Ltr

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Olympus UHI-4 High Flow Insufflator 45 Ltr

Olympus UHI-4 High Flow Insufflator 45 Ltr

The UHI-4 insufflation unit has a high maximum flow rate and advanced functionality. It enhances performance and reliability in demanding surgical laparoscopy environments.

High-speed insufflation up to 45 l/min. Automatic smoke evacuation Insufflation of different-sized cavities

Main features

High speed insufflation

The UHI-4 offers an increased maximum flow rate of 45L per minute. In addition, a new display mode provides clear visualization of the pressure, flow rate and volume in real time for monitoring the status of the UHI-4.

Automatic smoke evacuation

An automatic smoke evacuation feature is enabled on the UHI-4 when it is coupled with a new or existing energy platform. This will help provide a clear and unobstructed view of the surgical field during difficult laparoscopic procedures.

New cylinder hose with switch-over valve

With the new CO2 switch-over valve accessory, the surgeon can freely switch CO2 tanks without interrupting long procedures, thus reducing the physical difficulty of exchanging tanks.

Adjustable smoke evacuation

In order to reduce the amount of CO2 used during surgery, the UHI-4 allows for the smoke evacuation to be independently set on the front panel of the unit. The smoke evacuation can be toggled between a high and low function.

New Small Cavity mode

The newly developed Small Cavity mode allows for safer insufflation of cavities smaller than the abdomen.