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Shalya LX Electro Surgical Unit

Shalya LX Electro Surgical Unit

XcelLance Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - known by brand name “SHALYA” - was established in April 2002 with focused on development and manufacturing of medical devices which leads us to complete OR solution provider. We have established as a market leader in Advance Electro Surgery, Vessel Sealing System, Saline Plasma Resection Devices, Radio Frequency ESU and Electrosurgical. XcelLance has also strong inroads in OR segments like LED OT Lights, Endoscopy Camera System, CO2 Insufflators, LED Light Source, Hystero-pumps and Medical Disposable Devices.

Technical Details

Shalya LX Electrosurgical Generator with following features:

  • Two different port for Monopolar & Bipolar power output with different display.
  • A Monopolar channel can work either by Foot or Hand operated electrodes.
  • PREMTM Safety: Patient return electrode monitoring – PREM – is ultimate Safety for return electrode site burns.
  • Smart ESU: Surgical Monitoring and Automatic Response Technology ESU for consistent cutting & coagulation through all types of tissue.
  • 6 SENSETM Technology: advance feedback system with sense the change in Voltage, Current, Power, Tissue Density, Return Electrode Contact quality & leakage RF current. 
  • Surgical Assistant: Facility of User Settable ONE surgical programs.
  • Fully Microprocessor controlled: To achieve high degree of clinical precision.
  • ARGON Beam Coagulator upgradeable. 
  • CE Mark Product &  ISO13485 Certified Company

High Performance ESU (Diathermy)

3 Cut Modes

Sp Cut                         

: 200W, at 100Ω to 1KΩ,    CF-1.5


: 200W, at 100Ω to 1KΩ,    CF-1.5

Blend Cut                  

: 120W, at 100Ω to 1.5KΩ, CF-1.5




3 Coag Modes


: 80W,   at 500Ω, CF-5.0


: 80W,   at 500Ω, CF-7.0

Spray Coag  

: 80W,   at 500Ω, CF-8.0




2 Bipolar Modes


: 50W,   at 10Ω to 400Ω, CF-1.5


: 50W,   at 10Ω to 700Ω, CF-1.5