Uroflowmetry System


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Uroflowmetry System

Uroflowmetry System

Web Meditech PC Based Uroflow is advance version of Uroflowmetry Systems It’s Must Be designed With monitor the urinary volume and flow rate Because Of Flow transducer is directly connected with PC (Computer / Laptop) through USB port and report will be store in PC.

Benefit of PC based Uroflowmetry System is to store report along with patient information in PC (Computer / Laptop) and can be recall easily. Comparison of Graph can be easy.

Web Meditech PC Based Uroflow is a fully automatic microprocessor based device with digitally controlled weight based flow transducer. Uroflowmetry System is used to detect the deficiency in urinary track of human body. Uroflowmetry Procedure is non invasive method. WM Uroflow system is very helpful for day to day flow study.

It is Known as Urine Flow Meter, Uroflowmetry System, Computer Based Urinary Flow Meter, Uroflowmetry Machine, Uroflowmetry Test Machine, Uroflowmetry Equipment, Uroflow Test Unit.

Advanced Features:

  • Report and Patient information store in Computer/ Laptop.
  • Previous report can be recall easily
  • Comparison of report easily
  • Digitally controlled weight based Uroflowmetry Systems
  • Fully Automatic with auto start and stop.
  • Automatic analysis
  • Accurate Result
  • Non Invasive Method
  • No Risk to Patient with this test
  • No Hospitalization
  • Cost effective Device
  • Light weight, Compact and Easy to handle.
  • Maintenance free and very easy to operate
  • Easy to operate.
  • Easy to clean and reusable.
  • Match with international quality standards